Switch from Wordpress to Hexo

in Code

This blog used to run on Wordpress. It’s a great CMS that tend to get better and better with time. But I wanted something simpler. So I switched to Hexo. This is a static website generator. With a some interesting advantages:

Well actually, the switch was really short because I have very few articles, and because they were originally written in Markdown. And my wordpress blog used to have disqus comment that can be embed with a few line of js.

Other options?

Actually, it did not take me only one hour because I tried other generators before. Metalsmith and Punch are great too, but they offers too many options and plugins and are not focused on getting you ready fast. I just wanted an article list page and articles. And I already know that I did not want Assemble

If you follow the command to get started, you’ll be up and running in a minute:

$ npm install hexo-cli -g
$ hexo init blog
$ cd blog
$ npm install
$ hexo server

For the rest, the doc is great

If you want to see how this one is build, feel free to fork or download it on github. Then npm install and hexo server in the folder.

Should you use it?

If you need something with many options and possibilities, probably not. But I bet you are using an overkill solution.

If you are looking for performances, static sites are the right thing to do.

If you just want a simple blog that you want to host ie: not ghost or medium, this is definitely something you want to try.